29 Oct Promoting Sustainable Fisheries in Indonesia Through Fisheries Management Councils

On 29 October, 2018, the CTC hosted a side event at the Our Ocean Conference titled “Sustainable Fisheries in Indonesia”, which aimed to facilitate fisheries stakeholders: government agencies, fisheries supply chain actors, fisheries associations, environmental donor agencies, NGOs, fisheries projects/initiatives, and academia, including marine and...

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29 Oct CTC Commits to Developing MPA Capacity Building and Promoting Sustainable Fisheries at the Plenary Session at Our Ocean Conference 2018

CTC announced two commitments to support MPA capacity building and sustainable fisheries at the Plenary Session at Our Ocean Conference 2018. The Our Ocean Conference 2018 strengthened the quality of commitments with a balanced distribution of commitments for each area of action: maritime security; marine...

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28 Oct Semesta Terumbu Karang – Coral Universe: When Ceramic Art, Ocean Science and Virtual Reality Meet

On 28 October, 2018, Semesta Terumbu Karang - Coral Universe, a monumental ceramic installation that showcases the beauty of life under the ocean’s surface, was unveiled in the CTC Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali. The unveiling was done on the eve of the Our...

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