28 Dec Surveillance and Resource Utilization Monitoring (RUM) in Ay Island and Rhun Island MPA and Lease Islands MPA

Since 2018, the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) and Maluku Province Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office have been monitoring marine and fisheries resource utilization in conservation areas. This activity is intended to ensure sustainability and regulatory compliance, increasing interaction between conservation area management units and resource...

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14 Sep CTC Conducts Resource Utilization Monitoring in Nusa Penida MPA

CTC supports the Management Unit of the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (UPTD) in resource utilization monitoring activities. This monthly monitoring involves collaboration with several government agencies to support the management of the Nusa Penida MPA. This activity aims to improve user compliance with the...

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16 Aug Surveillance and Resource Use Monitoring Survey in Ay-Rhun MPA

CTC supported the Surveillance and Resource Use Monitoring (RUM) survey in Ay-Rhun Marine Protected Area (MPA). This periodic survey involved collaboration with multiple governmental agencies and local communities, aiming to strengthen law enforcement, promote the adoption of sustainable practices, and discourage harmful activities by actors...

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