Evaluating the Effectiveness of your work

Evaluating the Effectiveness of your work

Establishing and developing a Marine Protected Area involves many steps. From the initial design and consultation stage (involving an understanding of the biophysical, social and governance related elements at a site) through to operational systems design (involving management planning, staffing and infrastructure establishment) through to implementing activities to achieve management objectives. These are all critical steps in the process.

Through all these stages however, reflection and assessment is required to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems being designed, the mechanisms and processes being established, and whether the approaches being undertaken are effectively achieving what they set out to achieve. Through such assessments MPA managers and practitioners can assess progress at all stages of development and implementation, and can adaptively manage along the way to achieve optimal results.

Marine Area Management Effectiveness (MAME)

This course teaches participants about different types of MMAs and methods to assess the level of effectiveness in achieving resource sustainability including local fisheries outcomes as well as social, economic and governance objectives. This course allows students to understand the different type of stakeholders who must be involved in assessing effectiveness and to develop strategies to increase the level of management effectiveness. This involves training and practical skills development in how to gather supporting information related to MMA establishment and management, choosing indicators, and measuring the level of effectiveness in terms of social, economic, environmental and governance impacts.

  1. To understand the basic principles of Marine Managed Area (MMA) management
  2. To review different evaluation methods of MMA management and understand the main focus of each method
  3. To understand the main indicators that are important to assess MMA effective management
  4. To undertake a step-by-step process to evaluate MMA management effectiveness
  5. To understand how to develop a multiple stakeholder assessment team that allows for comprehensive input and feedback
  6. To understand the connection between MME assessments and adaptive management
Intended Audience
This training is tailored for:
  • Conservation and MMA practitioners of government agencies
  • NGOs and other co-managing user groups
Minimum Requirements
  • High school graduate or equivalent, preferably with a basic knowledge of English.
  • Prior completion of Principles of MPA management or associated course.
This training can be given in Bahasa Indonesian and / or English
Four full days
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