Coral Triangle Center Fun Learning Activities and Expeditions
Discover, explore and learn to protect the rich biodiversity of the Coral Triangle through CTC’s fun learning activities and expeditions.
CTC’s fun learning activities are interactive and enjoyable ways to learn about our marine environment. The activities are tailored to engage various audiences and are open to all those interested in the unique biodiversity of the Coral Triangle and the many ways to protect it!
Discover. Explore. Learn
@CTC Center for Marine Conservation

  • Escape Room “SOS from the Deep”
  • Escape Room “SOS Plastic Danger”
  • Fun Learning Class
  • Coral Clay Workshop
  • Traditional Sea Animal Weaving Workshop
  • Amazing Ocean Race
  • Adopt-a-Coral
  • Fun Learning Trip
  • Community Art Canvas
  • Dinner with Art Performance

Immersive, Educational, Innovative
Activities that Inspire Love for the Oceans!
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Coral Triangle Center