The 1st Phase of the Center for Marine Conservation opened
in August 2017.
It is located in Jalan Betgandang II, 88-89, Sanur, Bali, Indonesia.
Located in the beautiful coastal town of Sanur, the Center for Marine Conservation is equipped with an integrated learning facility that combines a top-of-the line meeting and training pavilions, a purpose-built dive training pool and a marine-themed escape room.
We offer two beautifully designed pavilions (wantilan) with fully equipped multimedia presentation kits. Each wantilan can accommodate up to 40 people each. Our wantilans are located close to a wide-range of hotels and accommodation, and within a few steps from our dive training pool and marine-themed escape room.
Our training pool is one the deepest in Bali. It has a 6-meter width, 12-meter length, with three depth-areas: shallow (1.3 meters) for briefing, (2 meters) for transition and (4.5 meter) for diving. We provide dive training centers and instructors with a comprehensive training facility that combines a purpose-built dive training pool and associated facilities.
The second phase of the Center for Marine Conservation will include a unique exhibition area, a training lab, interactive learning tools and fun games, as well as a restaurant and a gift shop. It will be the focal point for our training and learning programs for people involved in marine conservation: government, MPA, and fisheries staff, NGO workers, teachers, trainers, students, tourists, community members, and volunteers.
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Interested to to support the development of the Center for Marine Conservation?
We are interested to find patrons, benefactors and supporters to sponsor various exhibit developments. Through such sponsorship benefactors will be recognized and cited in the Center for Marine Conservation communication materials and physical structures where relevant. If you are interested to learn more, please contact Siti Syahwali at:
Coral Triangle Center