Our Programs
The Coral Triangle is the world’s epicenter of marine biodiversity. Millions of people depend on the bounty of the seas – and the seas, in turn, depend on them. Almost half of the Coral Triangle’s reefs have died in recent decades due to multiple threats from pollution, overfishing, destructive fishing, coastal development, and, the biggest threat of all, climate change. If the Coral Triangle reefs disappear, millions of livelihoods and whole cultures will suffer, and such a devastating loss would impact economies and ecological systems all around the world.
What We Do
The Coral Triangle Center is a foundation based in Bali with programs across the region. From our Center in Bali to the corners of the Coral Triangle, we engage with people through training and conservation on the ground, developing capable marine managers who can protect the unique marine ecosystems of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste.
We do this through our programs:
Training and Learning: delivering customized training courses and workshops to marine resource managers from all backgrounds about how to protect and manage coral reefs, strengthening the skills and capacities of existing and emerging conservation managers and leaders. Read more
Field Learning Sites: helping to design and establish marine protected areas (MPAs) that can serve as living laboratories where practitioners carry out research, implement new technologies, and learn from each other. We empower local communities to draw on traditional resource management practices and modern science to preserve the marine and coastal ecosystems.
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Learning Networks and forums: building connections and networks for people involved in managing marine protected areas throughout the Coral Triangle region, and empowering individuals to take on leadership roles to impact on the ground. Read more
Public and Private Sector Partnerships: on outreach activities, such as staff training, promoting sustainable marine tourism practices, and school activities to engage students in fun, hands-on learning activities focused on protecting marine and coastal environments.
Center for Marine Conservation: providing a space for students, locals, tourists, and companies with hands-on, interactive and experiential learning to be inspired to take action for the oceans, and amplifying our impact with global communities. Read More
Our Partners
CTC’s programs are supported by a range of partners, from government agencies throughout the Coral Triangle, to partner NGOs and private organizations, universities, and dedicated individuals. Read More
What Can You Do?
Do you want to join our training sessions, support our programs, or share your experience in the field?
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