The Coral Triangle MPA Learning Network

More than 1,500 MPA practitioners in the Coral Triangle are connected through the MPA learning network.

Join us to help connect these champions and provide the support they need.

The Coral Triangle MPA learning network was set up to help people and communities involved in marine conservation learn from each other’s experiences.

The network has developed important new media tools and shared resources for enabling communication between people and groups scattered across a vast area who risk working in isolation. Alumni of the CTC Training Academy are automatically members of this regional learning network, and regular in-person exchanges and meetings complement electronic communications, providing real-life platforms for collectively discussing common issues, approaches, and solutions.

Knowledge, skills, and information is shared between people working in the Coral Triangle and beyond, in other corners of the world with significant marine environments. Moving forward this learning network is also exploring expansion into dedicated areas, such as ‘Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management’ (EAFM) and Seascapes Management, based on requests from the CTI Secretariat and partners.

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