29 Oct CTC Commits to Developing MPA Capacity Building and Promoting Sustainable Fisheries at the Plenary Session at Our Ocean Conference 2018

CTC announced two commitments to support MPA capacity building and sustainable fisheries at the Plenary Session at Our Ocean Conference 2018. The Our Ocean Conference 2018 strengthened the quality of commitments with a balanced distribution of commitments for each area of action: maritime security; marine protected area; sustainable fisheries; marine pollution; sustainable blue economy; and climate change. In total, there were 305 tangible and measurable commitments and US$10.7 billion monetary commitments. A majority of the commitments were submitted by governments, followed by NGOs and corporate sector.

Our first commitment is to build capacity for MPA management effectiveness in the Coral Triangle region. In the next three years, CTC commits to: 1) invest US$6 million to train 3,000 people in MPA competencies through the establishment of the Center for Marine Conservation in Bali which will serve as International Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) Independent Training Center (P2MKP); 2) institutionalize a sustainable training program to support effective management of MPAs in the Coral Triangle; 3) engage the local communities through the development of innovative outreach tools combining culture, art, and technology; 4) inspire and educate youth, women leaders, marine tourism community and general public on coral reefs conservation; and 5) support global awareness campaigns on the importance of coral reefs for effective management of coastal and marine resources.

Our second commitment is to build capacity for sustainable fisheries management in Indonesia. In 2019, CTC commits to: 1) allocate US$155,000 to train leaders and fisheries managers in Fisheries Management Area (FMA) 715, 714 and 712; 2) integrate up-front management principles that link to site-specific goals and objectives in sustainable fisheries management; and 3) incorporate the mentioned goals into sustainable management planning framework in national, subnational, provincial and district level.

CTC will support the capacity building need assessment, developing fisheries occupations-related functions and competencies, facilitate fisheries extension officers to strengthen role its role for marine and fisheries aspects in the field, to foster synergy between fisheries and marine conservation (e.g. Marine Protected Areas) management plans and programs.

We connected with partners, made new friends, and were inspired by the exchange of innovative ideas and commitments all geared towards preserving Our Oceans, Our Legacy!

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