Welcome to the CTC Academy!

Why are coastal and marine environments important, and what role do they play in our lives? How do we keep our oceans and our planet healthy? What are the dangers facing our oceans, and what can be done to safeguard them? What are marine protected areas and why do they matter? What can we do?

These are just a few of the questions answered by the CTC Academy’s 26 learning modules on marine science, MPA principles, planning and management, sustainable fisheries, and sustainable tourism. Download our course syllabus here.

We have a wide range of courses available to support current and future guardians of the seas, and people working on the frontlines of conservation efforts in the Coral Triangle. Our courses are classroom-based, with a strong field training element, and we offer courses throughout the Coral Triangle region. Field training is held at learning sites, such as the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area, located 30 minutes by boat from Bali. Alumni of our courses can also join our learning networks, connecting you to other practitioners working throughout the Coral Triangle, and the world.

You can also Get Involved to be part of our team of marine conservation champions!
Who Are the Courses for?
CTC’s training courses are designed for a broad audience: government representatives, MPA and fisheries industry staff, tourism operators, NGO workers, teachers, trainers, students, volunteers, and anyone else with an interest in learning more about the Coral Triangle, its human and natural resources, and the work that needs to be done to preserve it. Courses are tailored to the audiences’ needs, and can be delivered throughout the region.
Who Are Our Teachers?
Our curriculum is developed in-house in consultation with internationally renowned MPA and marine science professionals. Our educators have many years experience teaching and working in marine and coastal management. Lessons build on decades of practical field experience, and are continuously updated and reviewed to incorporate best practice approaches and lessons learned.
Our Courses
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