17 May Tales of Marine Life: A Special Wayang Samudra Performance

CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation celebrated Earth Day with a special performance of Wayang Samudra. Telling a story of marine animals and their constant battles with our ever-changing world and plastic pollution in the oceans, the whole show ran for an hour from 7.00 PM...

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18 Apr CTC’s Adopt-a-Coral Program Shows Progress in Coral Restoration Efforts in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA)

CTC is pleased to share that since its establishment in December 2020, our Adopt -a Coral program has successfully restored close to 160 square meters of damaged reefs in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA). The program uses the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System (MARRS)...

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09 Oct Community Awareness Campaign for Endangered, Threatened and Protected Marine Animals in the Nusa Penida MPA

Earlier this month, CTC conducted three outreach and awareness raising activities in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA). As part of the COREMAP-CTI Grant Package 4 program in Nusa Penida that prioritizes the rehabilitation of critical marine ecosystems, the activities aimed to engage targeted...

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