03 Jul COREMAP-CTI’s Nusa Penida MPA Project Kicks-Off Local Consultations

As the implementing partner of the Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program-Coral Triangle Initiative (COREMAP-CTI), CTC completed a series of meetings with relevant stakeholders, from the provincial to village levels, in early July 2021. The coordination and community meetings aimed to introduce the project to...

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27 Jun Long-boat “Mameng” Aims to Help Monitor Marine Biodiversity in the Banda Sea

Since obtaining official recognition from the Maluku Provincial Government in 2019, the Neilaka Community Surveillance Group (Pokmaswas) of Rhun Island in the Banda Sea, has consistently demonstrated dedication to safeguarding the marine protected area (MPA) around the island from all possible threats. To support Pokmaswas...

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07 May New Community Reporting Mechanism Proposed to Ensure Enforcement of Nusa Penida MPA Zoning Regulations

The implementation of resource use monitoring (RUM) and surveillance surveys on May 7, 2021 still found some violations of zoning regulations by local fishers. The result of the surveillance, which was undertaken by the Bali Province Marine Protected Area (MPA) Management Unit in Nusa Penida...

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