15 Jul Bali’s Coral Reefs Resilient From Threats; Implementation of Marine Resource Regulations Needed to Prevent Further Decline

To celebrate World Oceans Day and Coral Triangle Day, the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) invited the press to a conference about the results from the first ever-comprehensive survey undertaken to assess the status of Bali’s coral reefs. The Bali Reef Health Survey showed that the island’s...

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08 Jun CTC holds a press conference to release the results from the Bali Reef Health Survey

A comprehensive scientific survey on Bali’s coral reefs showed that the island’s corals remain resilient despite threats from pollution, unregulated fishing and irresponsible tourism. The Bali Reef Health Survey, conducted during a four-month period from July to October 2015, found that that 60% of Bali’s coral...

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