04 Nov Dive Training Pool is Up and Running

After the launch of phase 1 of the Center for Marine Conservation, CTC began operating its new dive training pool. The pool is custom designed for training new scuba divers with a maximum depth of 4.5m. As part of CTC’s efforts to attract as many people to the Center as possible we operate an open access regime where everyone is able to use the pool.

The pool is gradually gaining in popularity as knowledge of it spreads throughout the diving community in Bali. To date nine separate dive operations have used the pool to train over a hundred new divers.  The dive pool is an effective way to draw people who care about the ocean to the center. In future this will provide a valuable means of cross promotion for the awareness and educations programs that are to be run out of the center. By doing this we will instil a sense of respect and care for the ocean in new divers before they enter the water.

For those interested to use the facility drop us an email at rlumenta@coraltrianglecenter.org. All proceeds go towards CTC’s marine conservation projects in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle.

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