30 Sep COVID-19: A Global Crossroads

How does a worldwide human health catastrophe relate to ocean sustainability? This question motivated an international group of 25 researchers, environmental managers, policy-makers, and other ocean advocates to gather online for a series of structured conversations in September. Representatives from CTC, Science Coordinator Kitty Currier...

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30 Sep Community-led Marine Conservation Plays a Significant Role to Protect Coastal Resources in Maluku and North Maluku

Community-led marine conservation plays a significant role to protect coastal resources in FMA 715 and surroundings. Under the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (USAID SEA) project’s intervention, community-led marine conservation has shown a positive impact through the active participation of the Sea Champions or Pejuang Laut....

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30 Sep CTC Supports the Development of a Marine Protected Area Network and Sea Turtle Action Plan in the Arafura-Timor Sea

This year, CTC became one of the implementing partners of the second phase of the Arafura & Timor Seas Ecosystem Action Program (ATSEA-2), a regional partnership that aims to address the most important transboundary marine issues facing the region. CTC, in collaboration with a team of...

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