08 Oct CTC Opens New Office Building at Center for Marine Conservation

This month, we opened the doors to our new office at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation. The opening ceremonies began on October 2, 2020 with a Balinese blessing ceremony (Melaspas) led by a Pemangku (priest).  This cleaning and purifying ritual, done through prayers and offerings, is a traditional way to mark the opening of new buildings in Bali.

On October 8, we held the official opening ceremony marked by the ribbon-cutting ceremony led by the Chair of the CTC Board of Trustees, Yuli Ismartono and CTC Executive Director, Rili Djohani.


The event was attended by CTC’s Bali-based friends and partners who have supported CTC’s marine conservation efforts. It was an afternoon which was enlivened with ocean-inspired fun learning activities and also an exhibition of CTC’s work over the past 10 years. CTC also exhibits the Sustainable Development Goals (SDH) spinning wheel, highlighting on SDG 14 on life underwater that shows how all is connected. With the new office and exhibitions, CTC is trying to make the issues as relevant as possible for everyone.

During the opening ceremony, our Executive Director mentioned that CTC’s mission is to inspire people to care for the oceans, “Through our training, learning sites, learning networks and the Center we want to reach out and engage people to participate in marine conservation”. At the Center for Marine Conservation, CTC blends traditional art with contemporary issues like the Wayang Samudra (ocean puppets) and Traditional Weaving Workshop. We also set up interactive exhibitions and fun learning games blending art, science, and technology.


“People will make the difference,” said Ms Djohani.  At the Center, CTC wants to create an atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome and inspired to learn and contribute towards marine conservation. We all can and should do something about the threats we face together.

CTC’s new office is an important step towards, realizing our small group of committed people is growing and as part of our mission, we want to inspire more people to care for the oceans through our training, learning sites, learning networks and through our Center for Marine Conservation.


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