07 Oct Maluku Province Prepares to Implement MPA Zoning Area for Lease and Ay-Rhun Islands

The Maluku Provincial Government prepares to implement coastal zoning areas in two respective islands, namely Lease Islands MPA and Ay-Rhun Islands MPA in Central Maluku Regency. The Governor of Maluku Province has sent an official letter to the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) for the endorsement of the proposed zoning plan in Lease Islands MPA and Ay-Rhun Islands MPA.


CTC and MMAF’s Maluku Province officers held a public consultation to discuss the zoning plan in Lease Islands MPA and Ay-Rhun Islands MPA in Masohi on October 7, 2020. The event was attended by Vice Regent of Central Maluku District Marlatu L Leleury, stakeholders and community leaders, and the topics discussed included the implementation and management of the zoning plan in the two respective island groups.

According to Mr. Leleury, the meeting was important to establish good communication and coordination among the related stakeholders to support the MPA establishment and sustainable management in Lease and Ay-Rhun Islands. Moreover, spatial planning in coastal areas and small islands is crucial to protect the abundant resources for the communities who depend on coastal and marine resources for their livelihood.


According to the governor’s letter to MMAF, 81,578 hectares of coastal areas and small islands in Lease have been proposed for an MPA, while in Ay-Rhun Islands the proposed MPA area includes 47,968 hectares, and in Buano Islands the proposed MPA zone will cover 25,064 hectares area.

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