17 May Tales of Marine Life: A Special Wayang Samudra Performance

CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation celebrated Earth Day with a special performance of Wayang Samudra. Telling a story of marine animals and their constant battles with our ever-changing world and plastic pollution in the oceans, the whole show ran for an hour from 7.00 PM to 8.00 PM. Themed “Ocean Commotion”, the performance was narrated by a Balinese group of puppeteers and little dancers.

The interest in Wayang Samudra reached even a young audience aged 9 years old. Not only was there a performance, but also Mola Shop bazaar, Kedai Kopi Hili (KKH) stand, and free entry to CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation Exhibition Hall for visitors. The performance adopted the traditional techniques of Indonesian Wayang. Unlike CTC’s usual Wayang Samudra show, this time a screen was used to project the shadows of puppets dancing in the dark of the evening. The screen used two different backgrounds that changed depending on the scenes being performed.

The puppeteers narrated the story and changed their voices to suit the characters being played. Traditional gamelan and digital audio created an intense atmosphere throughout the performance. The Earth Day celebration performance is hoped to raise awareness about plastic waste pollution constantly faced by marine mammals in the oceans.

The following day, big news media such as Antara and Detik highlighted the Wayang Samudra performance in their news coverage. Read more about it here:



Writer: Salai Monica
Photos: Adam Putra/CTC

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