01 Jun Did you know? The hardiest of all coral species are the Acropora

Did you know Acropora is a genus of small polyp stony coral in the phylum Cnidaria. Some of its species are known as table coral, elkhorn coral, and staghorn coral. There are over 149 Acropora species described and they are also the easiest to grow. Acropora genus are some of the major reef corals responsible for building the...

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18 Apr CTC Conducts Underwater and Socio-economic Surveys in Lease Islands as Baseline for Marine Protected Area Establishment

CTC conducted a series of underwater surveys in Lease Islands, Central Maluku, from  April 2-15,2018 as part of its implementation of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project. The Lease Islands are located east of Ambon. It consists of three main islands called Haruku,...

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