30 Sep Become a Friend of CTC in October and Receive Special Edition Sea Turtle Gift Box

To mark this year’s World Animal Day on October 4, CTC is taking part in raising the awareness about the importance of animal protection! World Animal Day is celebrated across the globe with the mission to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards. For this year’s celebration, CTC will be highlighting the importance of protecting sea turtles in the Coral Triangle, as they are classified as threatened, endangered, or critically endangered, due largely to human impact in the form of hunting, bycatch in fishing nets, pollution and climate change.

Do your part this month on World Animal Day by supporting our marine conservation program in protecting sea turtles across the Coral Triangle. Sign up to become a Friend of CTC and get our cute sea turtle gift box and tote bag. We will also be giving out a free entry voucher Escape Room SOS Plastic Danger, where you can learn more about the issues and threats facing our sea turtles.


Photo credit by CTC

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