30 Jun CTC’s Coral Clay Workshop Enliven the Re-Opening of Club Med Bali

On the last day of June, CTC was invited to host a coral clay workshop at Club Med Bali, Nusa Dua. After being closed for two years due to COVID-19 pandemic, Club Med are so excited to re-open their doors to the world. As part of their re-opening events, Club Med actively invited their partners to enliven their re-opening through exhibitions, workshops and performances. 

The coral clay workshop hosted by 64 participants from Club Med’s media and travel agent partner. During the workshop, CTC’s facilitator explained general knowledge about corals, including different coral life forms that exist, their main role in the ecosystem and the importance of protecting coral reefs. The main objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of the beauty and fragility of our reefs. The participants had the chance to learn about corals while making their own out of clay.  

Sustainability has always been such an important part of Club Med. Their environment is one of their key concerns and they aim to practice sustainable tourism. Club Med has been actively engaged with and supports various NGOs. This coral clay workshop aims to also engage and raise awareness to their media partner and travel agent partner. Club Med believes that everyone can play an active role in helping to spread the narrative of marine conservation and together we should work to safeguard our precious environment for future generations.

Photo by Prasiwi Bestari/CTC

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