06 Jun Outreach Activity: CTC at Outpost Co-living in Canggu

A refreshing and unique opportunity arrived in the hands of CTC on April 12, 2023. Outpost, a coworking place where different people from different walks of life and backgrounds can gather and have a sense of community despite leading a nomad life, requested the presence of CTC at their Canggu branch as a speaker during Member Roundtable Lunch–a session they have weekly at lunch in an effort to invite their members and visitors to engage and involve themselves in a series of environmental, sustainability, and climate conversations.

Cikal and Salai, CTC’s Center staff, were sent as representatives to do a presentation to and hold a question-and-answer session with the members and visitors of Outpost in Canggu. 7 visitors surrounded the table, fully immersed in and amazed at the presentation on CTC, marine biodiversity, and the world under the waves. They were actively asking questions about CTC, the coral nurseries, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), and the activities developed in CMC to get people to be more involved in saving the oceans.

The session concluded with a lengthy, productive discussion about MPAs located in Nusa Penida, the curiosity sparked from the plan two of the visitors created that was to explore Nusa Penida on their own, moreover the discussion revolved around how they could participate in saving the environment, the oceans, and the programs CMC have, especially the Adopt-a-Coral program. They were intrigued by the idea that a little action of saving the oceans can go a long way!

Text: Salai Monica
Photos: Salai Monica

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