31 Mar Celebrate a Sustainable Wedding with CTC’s Adopt-a-Coral Program

Kirana Agustina & Nanda Asridian Noor met at World Resources Institute Indonesia, but it’s the ocean that brought them together. It was never expected that Nanda’s first contact with Kirana through an email with warm virtual handshake during a Coral Triangle Regional Forum in Bali, in January 2014, would grow into love seven years later, after crossing oceans to five continents. This is why they decided to begin their voyage by adopting corals. On April 3, 2021, the couple tied the knot and invited all their guests to adopt a coral on their behalf. In collaboration with CTC, they provided an opportunity for their friends and family to give them a sustainable wedding gift while contributing to Mother Earth by adopting a baby coral. The donations that were made from their friends and family will go to CTC’s Adopt-a-Coral program that supports coral reef rehabilitation in the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area.


Kirana works in the ocean sector and Nanda works in the forestry sector. They wish not only to grow their love but also to support our ocean that connects us all. Their sustainable and socially conscious wedding style throws a perfect wedding celebration. If you would like to adopt a coral like Kirana and Nanda, you can go to www.coraltrianglecenter.org/kirananda



Photos by : CTC

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