31 Jul Regional Local Government Network Sustainability Workshop

A Local Government Network (LGN) workshop on Organizational Sustainability: Developing Strategic Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Plan was conducted from 29-31 July in Jakarta. The workshop aimed to provide an update on the LGN current status regarding its vision and agreed strategic direction; revisit and review strategic goals and determine strategic priorities; discuss and explore opportunities for strategic partnerships and possible funding sources and/or support for LGN’s identified priorities, including its organizational sustainability; and draft a financial sustainability action plan.


USAID/USDOI’s experts facilitated the three-day workshop, which was hosted by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, with support from CTI-CFF Regional Secretariat, CTC and National Coordinating Comittee CTI-CFF Indonesia. More than 10 representatives of the Maritime LGN Secretariat and its strategic and supporting partners joined the workshop, engaging and sharing knowledge to strengthen partnerships and organizational goals.

The strategic and supporting partners of the Maritime LGN expressed their commitment to support the sustainability of the network, which is promoting the conservation, protection and sustainability of coastal and marine resources within the six Coral Triangle countries. The workshop was a platform to explore and elaborate on possible support structures and opportunities to strengthen the Maritime LGN towards the goal of organizational sustainability. This workshop was one step towards this goal, and will be expanded with future events and network exchanges.

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