16 Aug Surveillance and Resource Use Monitoring Survey in Ay-Rhun MPA

CTC supported the Surveillance and Resource Use Monitoring (RUM) survey in Ay-Rhun Marine Protected Area (MPA). This periodic survey involved collaboration with multiple governmental agencies and local communities, aiming to strengthen law enforcement, promote the adoption of sustainable practices, and discourage harmful activities by actors from among the local small-scale fishermen, and tourism operators.

On June 26, 2023, a team of eight members started the survey from Rakyat Harbor of Neira Island by longboat. Their route encompassed the Ay-Rhun MPA and passed by Ay Island, Nailaka Island, Rhun Island, Wakora Beach and Noret Cape. During the navigation, the team interviewed resource users, gathering valuable data. The collaborative efforts involved CTC, the Fisheries Monitoring Division of Island Cluster VI from the Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MAF) Agency of Maluku Province, the Surveillance for Marine and Fisheries Resources of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Seram (PSDKP), Work Unit of Banda Marine Tourism Park (Satker TWP Laut Banda), Banda Coastal Fishing Port (PPP Banda), Sub-district Military Command, The Directorate of Water and Air Police of the Maluku Province – Banda (Ditpolairud Maluku Pos Banda) and Indonesian National Military-Naval Force of Banda (TNI-AL Pos Banda). The team concluded the monitoring activities at Neira Island’s Rakyat Harbor.

The one-day survey of the Ay-Rhun MPA was successful, despite the challenge faced by rapidly changing weather conditions. This inclement weather led to a reduced presence of fishers or other users during the monitoring activities. In addition, due to heavy waves, the team was unable to visit the western and northern parts of Rhun Island. Nevertheless, the collected data serves as important information to support the effective management of the MPA.

Since April, the collection process for monitoring surveys in Ay-Rhun utilized the “KoboCollect” application as a replacement for traditional paper data forms. Laode Junaidin, our Banda MPA Officer, expressed his satisfaction in utilizing this technology: “by using this technology, the process of data collection during the monitoring activities is made easier. The system’s user-friendly interface also simplifies its application in the field.” 

“Surveillance and RUM activities serve not only to capture utilization data within the MPA but also to enhance the presence and interaction of the MPA Management Unit with community users of the area. These activities aim to increase compliance with the rules and zoning system of the Ay-Rhun Islands MPA,” said Purwanto, Maluku Portfolio Manager.

This periodic survey played a pivotal role in supporting the management of the Ay-Rhun MPA. By providing comprehensive data collection, this survey offers crucial insights as a reference for management strategies. Moreover, the survey activities fosters collaboration between CTC, local government and the communities. It is a significant action toward the preservation of the Ay-Rhun MPA’s unique marine biodiversity and the well-being of the communities dependent on its resources.

Writers: Adam Putra, Purwanto
Photos: Laode Junaidin/CTC, Dominic Bryant/CTC

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