12 Mar Ocean Keeper Club Members Learn About Mangrove Ecosystems

CTC’s Ocean Keeper Club (OKC) wrapped out February with an engaging fun-learning session themed “Let’s Go to the Mangroves”. The two-hour class, three main characters Max, Mindy, and Octa the Octopus, along with the CTC facilitators, guided the young ocean keepers to learn about the beauty and importance of the mangrove ecosystem, as well as the unique animals living there.

This event was attended by 44 students from five schools in Sanur, including SDN 2 Sanur, SDN 4 Sanur, SDN 8 Sanur, SDN 10 Sanur, and SDN 12 Sanur. Together, they had a virtual tour with Max and Mindy in the mangrove forest and saw animals living there such as Milky Stork, Asian Monitor Lizards, and Archerfish. During the class, one of the participants from SDN 10 Sanur, I Gusti Agung Ngurah, expressed that his favorite animal is Archerfish.

“I haven’t been to the mangrove forest yet. I will go there with my family and look for Archerfish. They are so cool when hunting the insects with spout water from their mouth.” said Agung Ngurah.

The young ocean keepers also had the opportunity to learn the importance of the mangrove to the coastal community. Octa reminded the kids of the mangrove tank installation in our exhibition hall, highlighting how the mangrove works to reduce large waves in coastal areas. They were beaming with excitement, eagerly throwing questions to Octa. 

They concluded the second session by writing all they had learned in their own Ocean Passport and receiving stamps from the facilitators for their attendance. CTC will continue running the OKC sessions every month and the upcoming session will learn about seagrass and dugong. Stay tuned for the new stories!

Writer: Adam Putra
Photos: Adam Putra/CTC

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