03 Dec Fun Learning Activities with Pakuan University Students

From December 9 to 11 2021, CTC hosted a visit from Pakuan University, located in Bogor. The agenda from the visit was for the university lecturers participate in CTC’s fun learning class and learning field trip. The first day activity of their visit covered an introduction to basic knowledge and a deeper understanding of the coastal ecosystem, coral clay workshop, and escape room experience at the CTC Center for Marine Conservation. On the second and third days, the participants were taken to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area to learn about the establishment of the Marine Protected Area, rehabilitation efforts, and local community participation in the management of the area.

During this learning field trip, the participants were introduced to the importance of understanding and appreciating our marine environment. The trip to Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA) provides the chance to visit mangrove forests, seaweed farming sites, participate in coral rehabilitation projects, observe Lembongan Recycling Center, meet the local community and learn about the marine ecosystem. The group from Pakuan University also had the chance to visit Ped Temple in Nusa Penida, a well-known temple across Bali. Participants were then able to learn about the existence of the temple and understand how it affects the MPA zoning management within the area. The sea that faces directly to the temple is considered sacred, where no activities are allowed. The group from Pakuan University was also able to visit the coral nursery garden and plant juvenile corals themselves on the dedicated substrates. Through this immersive fun learning program, CTC hopes to continue to inspire people from all walks of life to protect our reefs and oceans.

Photos by Kasman/CTC

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