28 Nov Strengthening Collaboration Among the Sustainable Fisheries Management Committee of Lampung Province

In order to evaluate the performance of the Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries Management Committee (KPPRB) of Lampung Province and discuss the program priorities for 2020, a meeting with KPPRB of the eastern coastal area of Lampung Province was conducted on November 26-28 in Bandar Lampung. CTC, along with other partner organizations, supported the Marine Affairs and Fisheries Office of Lampung Province to conduct the meeting. During the event, CTC committed to continue its support to strengthen KPPRB in 2020 through training and assistance for the KPPRB secretary.

A session to strengthen internal collaboration for the KPPRB working group was led by the CTC team to increase collaboration and teamwork, help each member to communicate effectively, and build awareness to work together in a range of situations and challenges. This training session was conducted through experiential learning game called Barnga and Electric Maze. Barnga is designed to help participants understand the diversity of their team, while Electric Maze challenges participants to find solutions, make plans collaboratively and build up their communication skills.

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