17 May Indonesian Women in Fisheries: Pressing for Progress in Marine Conservation and Blue Economy

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) recently convened a 5-day women’s learning exchange and workshop for women leaders working in fisheries and marine conservation. Thirty-seven women representing Indonesia’s Women’s Network on Fisheries and Marine Conservation came to join this program. Through information sharing, knowledge exchange, and...

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13 Sep Capacity-Building Activity for the Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries Committee in Lampung

From September 13 to 16, 2021, CTC successfully conducted an online capacity-building training for managers of the blue swimming crab (BSC) fishery and members of the Sustainable BSC Fisheries Management Committee (KPPRB) in Lampung. The activity covered various topics about leadership, particularly organizational management and...

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22 May Identifying Opportunities for Women to Support Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries in Lampung

In many capture fisheries businesses in Indonesia, women appear at the forefront. Their roles are diverse, starting from collecting the day’s catch from landing sites, to processing valuable bycatch into saleable products. Everything is done to increase fishers, who are mainly men, tend to be...

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