22 Mar Kids Enjoy Learning About Life Underwater at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation

They say that nature is a great teacher, and that saying is certainly true for the CTC team. Through our experiences being in nature and the ocean we are able to learn and pass down knowledge of complex ecosystems and life-forms to future generations. Such an example can be found at one of CTC’s Fun Learning Class at the Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur.

On 22 March 2019, a group of school children from Alam Atelier came to the Center to learn about important marine kids-playing-marine-conservationecosystems and the animals that depend on them. Through an interactive presentation, they learnt about the coastal environments that benefits both humans and marine life, and how important it is to maintain balanced and biodiverse ecosystems. The presentation was reinforced with an Aquatico playing workshop, CTC’s very own board game on building healthy aquatic ecosystems. They were then taken in depth to understand the foundations of the coral reefs, and the anatomy of the coral life-forms themselves through a coral clay making workshop. Each child created their own version of acropora corals that they were able to take home with them.

CTC is planning to expand their classes that would include diverse subjects centered around the theme of ocean conservation.

         clay-making-workshop-kids-bali      bali-kids-coraltriangle

Contact our team at centerbooking@coraltrianglecenter.org to inquire and book a Fun Learning Class at our Center for Marine Conservation.

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