17 Apr CTC Travels to Singapore for Asia Dive Expo ’16

ADEX '16

The Coral Triangle Center’s Communications team spent April 15-17 at Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) 2016 in Singapore, to spread awareness on marine conservation within the Coral Triangle region.

The Expo is organized by Underwater 360 and endorsed by major organizations in the diving industry such as DEMA (USA), the Singapore Tourism Board  and the Singapore Underwater Federation. ADEX 2016 was dedicated to seahorses and aimed to share information about this species and raise awareness about the issues that threaten them.

Over 57,000 keen scuba divers and marine enthusiasts came to the three-day expo to seek out exciting dive packages and learn about responsible marine tourism practices and oceanic species in Asia Pacific. CTC promoted its exciting Fun Learning Activities and upcoming Monitoring Expeditions in Nusa Penida and Banda Islands, and networked with other non-profits and businesses from the dive industry.

CTC’s Executive DirecADEX '16tor Rili Djohani, was one of 36 forum speakers and presented on ‘Scaling up Sustainable Marine Tourism Initiatives in the Coral Triangle.’ The speakers highlighted sustainable marine tourism approaches, marine conservation efforts, and best dive practices in the world’s oceans.

ADEX 2016 was a fantastic event: promoting the world’s underwater treasures and valuing what the oceans offer to our global community. CTC looks forward to expanding its social networks, and continuing to connect with the private sector and non-profit organizations interested in supporting the world’s marine environment.

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