08 Dec Charting Progress: Evaluating Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness (EVIKA) in Bali and Maluku Provinces

The Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries conducted a 2023 evaluation of 101 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including Maluku and Bali Provinces, using the 2020 EVIKA framework to evaluate their management effectiveness.

Recent MPAs evaluations in Maluku (August 9-11, 2023) and Bali Province (September 26, 2023) using EVIKA revealed positive changes despite ongoing challenges. Collaborative efforts involving CTC, local communities, governments, NGOs, and stakeholders have significantly progressed MPA management.

In Maluku, CTC and WWF Indonesia collaborated and supported the Marine and Fisheries Agency of Maluku Province on a comprehensive EVIKA assessment from August 9 to 11, 2023, involving 42 participants from various stakeholders. The study evaluated 13 MPAs, indicating varying management effectiveness, with four exceeding 50% and nine below 50%. Some MPAs showed improvement, while others experienced declines.

Based on the EVIKA evaluation of MPA in Maluku Province, some recommendations have been put forward that include establishing a dedicated MPA Management Unit, completing SOPs, staff training, improving infrastructure, data updating, empowering community groups, and aligning management plans with MMAF regulations to improve the sustainability and efficacy of MPA management in Maluku Province.

Furthermore, eight out of thirteen MPAs underwent two EVIKA assessments in 2023, showing varying results, with some showing improvement and others experiencing significant declines. During the evaluation, it was found that Lease MPA, Ay-Rhun MPA, and six other MPAs showed an increase in EVIKA scores compared to the previous year. 

In addition, the Bali Province Marine and Fisheries Agency’s evaluation of Nusa Penida MPA yielded an “optimum managed” score of 75.28%, indicating potential for strategic improvements in conservation and sustainability efforts.

The assessment suggests several improvements for Nusa Penida MPA, including aligning management plans, enhancing human resources skills, developing manager competency, finalizing facilities, intensifying outreach, and expanding partnerships.

To summarize, recent evaluations of Maluku and Bali MPAs show positive progress in management, facilitated by collaborative efforts and the EVIKA framework, emphasizing commitment to conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Writer: Arapa Efendi, Hesti Widodo, Purwanto,  Wira Sanjaya, Evi Ihsan
Photos: Kasman/CTC, Nyoman Tripayana/UPTD KKP Bali, Alex Del Olmo, Freepik

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