20 Feb Navigating the Seas of Knowledge: Insights from CTC in General Lecture with Universitas Indonesia (UI) Students

On January 15, 2024, CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani was invited as a speaker for the event ‘General Lecture: Berlayar Menuju Konferensi Dunia Bahari’ at Universitas Indonesia. The event, a collaboration between the Department of Geography of Universitas Indonesia and the Suar Bahri Kultura Foundation, aimed to raise the importance of the Coral Triangle region in terms of its biodiversity and role in a sustainable blue economy in the context of the upcoming international marine conference in Indonesia in mid-2024. The organizers plan an Ocean Week with Bappenas to further provide a platform for discussion about long-term government strategies starting in 2025.

Opened by Dr. Supriatna, M. T., the Head of Geography Department, the event was attended by more than 75 students. It was then continued by CTC Executive Director Rili Djohani, who shared insights on the need to build local capacity for long-term marine conservation and engage local communities in the protection and management of vital coastal and marine ecosystems in Indonesia and the Coral Triangle. CTC has provided training for more than 7500 people to date in coastal and resource management.

She further highlighted the commitment of the Government of Indonesia to set aside 30% of its marine waters by 2045 in effective marine protected and conserved areas. The participants actively engaged in discussions and explored various key topics, such as how to increase political will for marine conservation at the provincial and local levels, how various faculties can collaborate, including geography, anthropology, and biology, among others, and how to map out resilient reefs and link them to community benefits for effective protection. The event was concluded by the organizer, Executive Director Dr. Idham Bachtiar Setiadi from the Suar Bahri Kultura Foundation. He emphasized, amongst others, the need to integrate land and marine issues more effectively around the concept of ‘tanah airku’ and archipelagic states such as Indonesia.

Through events like this, CTC is committed to supporting partners such as universities in raising students’ awareness of marine conservation through knowledge sharing and promoting internships. They contribute to strengthening the collaboration between CTC and universities and inspire students to pursue a career in marine conservation.

Writers: Adam Putra, Kanya Wijaya, Rili Djohani
Photos: Silvia Timotius/CTC

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