30 Jun New Board Game: Start Beating Plastic Pollution by Playing Race to Recycle

It is time for us to beat plastic pollution! Bali has officially banned single-use plastics across the province. There are a lot of ways to start reducing plastic waste in your daily life, and you can start by learning the impact of plastic on our environment by playing the educational game Race to Recycle.


Race to Recycle is a fun board game inspired by Snakes and Ladders! Designed by former CTC intern, Thea Frommenwiller, this game is part of CTC’s Games for Change initiative. It is a great educational tool to teach everyone about marine debris and the current state of the ocean, while having fun trying to complete the mission of the game. It is a fun yet challenging game for all ages to play.

The player’s mission is to race their way through to the finish point, all while having to recycle or pick up trash cards. The game also features discovery cards which contain interesting facts about marine life and the threats caused by marine debris.

This fun board game was inspired by nature to teach us valuable lessons about recycling and caring for the planet. Recycling is an important lesson for all of us to learn, a simple step everyone can implement in their daily lives to help protect our land and our ocean.

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