13 Jul SeaNet Women Beneficiaries Receive Grant to Expand their Fish Processing Business

The Ministry of Cooperation and Community-based Business has  launched a government aid program to  develop start up business groups in Southeast Maluku. Four of the businesses which received the funding were women groups supported by the Building a Sustainable Seafood Industry to Support Coastal Communities in the Arafura Sea’ (SeaNet Indonesia).

 “Many thanks for government that has distributed grant to small community-based business groups like ours.  I hope it will benefit us and other groups on our fish processing business,” said Siti Boi Naba Rahanyaan, the 28-year old the chairwoman of the women’s group in Ngan village in Kei Besar.

The beneficiary groups at Ngan village are engaged in flying fish floss processing and dried salted-flying fish processing. Meanwhile the beneficiary groups at Sathean village in Kei Kecil are engaged in fish floss and dried fish processing.

Partner groups  of SeaNet Project that received the grant were KUB Perikanan Bulana, KUB Perikanan Cakalang are from Ngan village, West South Kei Besar Selatan Barat. The other two groups are from Sathean village, Kei Kecil. Each group received IDR 13 million (USD 900).

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