16 Aug CTC Co-Hosts Learning Exchange for Marine Protected Area (MPA) Managers from Southeast Asia and the Atlantic

CTC recently co-hosted a regional learning exchange for MPA managers in the Coral Triangle region in collaboration with the Coral Triangle Initiative on Coral Reefs Fisheries and Food Security (CTI-CFF) Regional Secretariat, the WWF Coral Triangle Program, supported by the EU Ocean Governance Project for MPAs. 

The learning exchange, which was held on July 3-5, at CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur included a field visit in the nearby Nusa Penida MPA and served as a platform for its 43 participants to share information, best practices, and national guidelines on coral reef restoration within the Coral Triangle countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Timor-Leste. Participants also learned from counterparts in the Atlantic through online interactions. The participants, who represented government agencies, academia, and non-government organizations, shared the challenges and lessons learned from their respective areas particular MPAs that have coral reef restoration activities. During the learning trip to the Nusa Penida MPA, the participants had the opportunity to observe first-hand the Mars Assisted Reef Restoration System (MARRS). The method is based on installing a continuous web of “Reef Stars” — hexagonal sand coated steel structures with coral fragments attached — to cover barren coral rubble fields and gaps between the remaining live coral on the reef.

Apart from coral restoration best practices, the participants also learned about the Mediterranean Protected Areas Network (MedPAN). MedPAN is an NGO whose mission is to promote the establishment, maintenance and operation of a network of MPAs throughout the Mediterranean for the conservation of its biodiversity, as well as to ensure that natural marine resources are used in an equitable and sustainable manner.  MedPAN was founded in 2008 and brings together 78 organizations and 110 marine protected areas in 21 countries, including a network of experts and scientists. At the end of the learning exchange, the MPA managers who attended the workshop also agreed to develop Coral Triangle MPAs Managers Network.

Additional recommendations and lessons learned form the workshop will be presented at the next CTI-CFF Senior Officials Meeting in the last quarter of the year.

Photos: Rili Djohani/CTC, Marthen Welly/CTC, Ocean Governance for MPA

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