23 Apr First Session of Ocean Keeper Club – Let’s Go to the Mangroves!

This month we held our first session of Ocean Keeper Club on April 23, 2022. The Club engaged young people through a virtual event to learn about the beauty of our ecosystems and its unique inhabitants. We brought the kids along for a virtual tour to see the beauty of our coastal ecosystems. In this first session, we started off with a mangrove ecosystem that is strongly intertwined with other coastal and marine ecosystems. 

This first session was attended by 40 children, mostly from Bali and Java, aged 7-11 years old. During this session, our facilitator thoroughly explained mangrove ecosystems, their role and threats. This session aimed to introduce the participants to the importance of maintaining and protecting our mangroves. Towards the end of the session, the kids were also introduced to a tsunami simulation experiment that showcased the role of mangroves as shields to help prevent destruction from large waves. 

The next session of Ocean Keeper Club will be held in May. Stay tuned for the date of our second session of Ocean Keeper Club.  To register for the next activity, follow this link: https://savingoceansnow.com/ocean-keeper/

Photo credit: Adam Putra/CTC

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