19 Mar Awareness Raising Activities Highlight the Importance of Marine Resource Protection in Sula, North Maluku

As part of its efforts to support the establishment of new MPAs in North Maluku under the USAID SEA Project, CTC facilitated a series of awareness raising activities to disseminate the importance of marine conservation in Sula Islands, North Maluku.  The activities were held on...

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24 Oct New Hotspots for Oceanic Cetaceans Found in Maluku

The Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) for Marine Mammals, conducted by the Coral Triangle Center and APEX Environmental has successfully identified several new hotspots for oceanic cetacean species, such as Blue whales (Balaenoptera musculus) and Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) as part of a diverse oceanic cetacean...

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10 Mar Expanding the Coral Triangle Center’s Indonesia Portfolio with 5-Year USAID SEA Project

 In March, USAID Indonesia announced that it has awarded its 5-year Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project to a consortium of organizations. The consortium is led by U.S. consultancy firm TetraTech Inc. and includes non-government organizations such as Coral Triangle Center (CTC), Wildlife Conservation Society, World Wildlife...

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