28 Dec Celebrating the first Green Fins trainers to complete the “Train the Trainer” programme in Indonesia

The Reef-World Foundation — the international coordinator of UN Environment Programme’s Green Fins initiative — has successfully trained and certified two new Green Fins assessor trainers from the Green Fins Indonesia National Team. They are now qualified to train and certify individuals in-country, building capacity...

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08 Dec Charting Progress: Evaluating Marine Protected Area Management Effectiveness (EVIKA) in Bali and Maluku Provinces

The Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries conducted a 2023 evaluation of 101 Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), including Maluku and Bali Provinces, using the 2020 EVIKA framework to evaluate their management effectiveness. Recent MPAs evaluations in Maluku (August 9-11, 2023) and Bali Province (September 26,...

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08 Dec CTC Supports Senior Enumerator’s Training and Certification for Improved MPA Management

As one of the official Competency Assessment Centers and partners for Professional Certification Institutes for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Services, CTC supported the technical guidance and competency assessment for the  MPA managers. The activity was conducted from 6-10 November, 2023 in Yogyakarta.  The Directorate of Conservation...

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