22 Feb Learning From The Front Lines: Timor-Leste Students Learn How to Manage a Marine Protected Area in Nusa Penida

Two students from Timor-Leste studying Marine Sciences at Udayana University in Bali joined CTC for a one-month internship to learn about marine resource management at the front lines. Third year students Dominica P. Jeronimo Guterres and Paula Marques Alves aimed to gain firsthand knowledge on...

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01 Feb Management Effectiveness of Ay and Rhun Islands Marine Protected Area Based on Reef Fish and Live Coral Cover in the Banda Islands, Maluku

As a response to the question “how is your MPA doing”, the CTC’s Marine Conservation Advisor, Marthen Welly, conducted research on the management effectiveness of the Ay and Rhun Islands MPA. The MPA, located in the Banda Islands, Maluku Province, and situated in the heart...

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