01 Feb Management Effectiveness of Ay and Rhun Islands Marine Protected Area Based on Reef Fish and Live Coral Cover in the Banda Islands, Maluku

As a response to the question “how is your MPA doing”, the CTC’s Marine Conservation Advisor, Marthen Welly, conducted research on the management effectiveness of the Ay and Rhun Islands MPA. The MPA, located in the Banda Islands, Maluku Province, and situated in the heart...

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30 Jan Enhancing ‘Pejuang Laut’ Knowledge to Advocate for Actions in Protecting the Sea

The Coral Triangle Center (CTC) provides fundamental support for its Local Champions, called Pejuang Laut, to build their skills and knowledge to become influential leaders in their community. Seven high performing Pejuang Laut, namely Sarna Sibela and Nurhasni Yoisangadji from the Sula Islands, Merfiana Aponno...

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