17 Mar CTC Conducts Scientific Surveys in Sula Islands to Study Feasibility of Setting Up New Marine Protected Areas

CTC conducted a biophysic and socio-economic survey in three islands within Sula Regency in North Maluku on March 17 to 27, 2017 to collect data and study the feasibility of establishing marine protected areas (MPAs) in these sites as part of the USAID Sustainable Ecosystems...

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20 Jul Stronger Implementation of Code of Conduct for Marine Animals in Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA)

On June 29, 2016, concerned divers and the Coral Triangle Center’s Learning Site Manager, Marthen Welly reported a whale shark injured by a boat propeller in Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area. In response to the incident, representatives from CTC, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries...

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08 Jun CTC holds a press conference to release the results from the Bali Reef Health Survey

A comprehensive scientific survey on Bali’s coral reefs showed that the island’s corals remain resilient despite threats from pollution, unregulated fishing and irresponsible tourism. The Bali Reef Health Survey, conducted during a four-month period from July to October 2015, found that that 60% of Bali’s coral...

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