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Luis Munoz

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The Coral Triangle is the global hotspot for coral reefs and marine biodiversity, but is being lost at an alarming rate. Overfishing, destructive fishing, coastal development, and pollution threaten more than 85% of the reefs in the region. With projections suggesting many of these reef systems will die by 2030, there has never been a more critical time to fight for the Coral Triangles survival.
I started this fundraising campaign to help the Coral Triangle Center (CTC) protect this important natural heritage. The marine habitat in this region directly supports more than 120 million people’s livelihoods and is the engine of the ocean for all marine life globally.
Please donate to my campaign — anything you can give will help enormously.
100% of the money will be used to support the people who are in the frontlines of this struggle – the guardians of the coral seas – providing them the skills, resources and on-ground support necessary to protect this vital area.
Coral Triangle Center