07 Dec Marine Protected Area (MPA) Design Training in Banten: Building Human Resources for Conservation Goals

At the end of October, CTC conducted a Marine Protected Area (MPA) Design Training in Serang, Banten. The training took place from October 31 to November 3 and was a collaboration with Politeknik Ahli Usaha Perikanan (Politeknik AUP) Jakarta.

The four-day training program aimed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the concepts and methods of MPA management and design. It included practical sessions on 1) collecting data using GPS, 2) managing and processing spatial data and creating maps from it, 3) designing MPAs using participatory and expert mapping methods, and 4) designing MPAs using Systematic Conservation Planning Tools (Marxan).

With a total of 74 participants, they actively engaged with CTC GIS and Knowledge Management System (KMS) Lead, Nyoman Suardana, in interactive discussions and practical sessions. At the end of the training, they successfully designed the MPA zone for the fictional Seberang Island MPA using Marxan methods and interpreted the results on a map. 

In line with the global initiative for governments to protect 30 percent of our lands, rivers, lakes, oceans, and wetlands by 2030, CTC is committed to being involved in preparing skilled human resources for designing conservation areas. CTC hopes the trained participants will not only know the stages in designing conservation areas but will also be able to understand the decision-making process to determine needs in designing conservation areas.

Writers: Adam Putra, Nyoman Suardana
Photos: Nyoman Suardana/CTC

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