27 Oct Sustaining Lampung’s Fisheries through Organizational Management and Communication Training

Recently, Coral Triangle Center (CTC) along with the Lampung Provincial Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Office (DKP) hosted a four-day training focusing on organizational management and communication. The event, held from October 24th to 27th, brought together key stakeholders with the aim of enhancing the capacity of the Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) Fisheries Management Team (TPPRB) in Lampung Province.

The training was a progression from previous successful initiatives in the region. Prior programs included developing campaigns to support women in the Blue Swimming Crab fisheries, capacity building for the Blue Swimming Crab Committee in Lampung, and media workshops. These earlier efforts paved the way for the more comprehensive training on organizational management and communication.

Notably, the training involved 18 members of the Secretariat and Working Group of Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab Fisheries Management Team (TPPRB). In addition, the attendees also encompassed members from the Provincial Department of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DKP) and three District DKPs, including East Lampung, Central Lampung, and Tulang Bawang. This diverse representation underscored the commitment to promoting collaboration at both the provincial and district levels.

A participant from DKP Lampung Province, Cici Anggara, said that the training has allowed him to understand various organizational skills. “I previously thought I did well in communication, leading meetings, and discussing with superiors and subordinates. After joining this training, I realized that there is still much to learn such as communication, leading meetings, interacting with superiors and subordinates, and expressing opinions”, He added. 

The training program benefited from the expertise of Dicky Lopulalan, a seasoned facilitation specialist with more than 16 years of experience. Mr. Lopulalan served as the primary trainer, offering valuable insights and hands-on guidance to the participants.

The core focus of the program revolved around enhancing organizational management skills. Participants engaged in various activities aimed at refining their abilities in articulating the TPPRB’s vision, devising and executing strategic plans, and conducting facilitative meetings.

The training also incorporated a range of activities geared towards honing communication skills. These included exercises in active listening, keen observation, skillful probing, paraphrasing, and constructing persuasive arguments. The honing of these skills is pivotal for promoting transparent and open communication within the TPPRB and with external partners.

This training represents a significant stride towards a more efficient, and well-coordinated Sustainable Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) Fisheries Management Team. The knowledge and skills acquired by the participants during this program are expected to play a vital role in the sustainability and success of TPPRB initiatives. Collaborative endeavors such as these are vital for the conservation and responsible management of marine resources.

Writer: Arapa Efendi
Photos: Silvia TImotius/CTC, Nadia Qurotha/CTC, Media team of DKP Lampung

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