19 Oct Women Leading the Way: Leadership Training for Blue Swimming Crab (BSC) Women Fishers in Rembang District

Women fishers play a crucial role in the blue swimming crabs (BSC) fisheries, yet they often face challenges such as limited access to resources and other social barriers. To tackle those challenges, CTC conducted a women-led training in Rembang District to inspire BSC women fishers by providing them with knowledge and skills to overcome social barriers and compete in these fisheries.  

Hosted by Coral Triangle Center (CTC), a two-week training activities for BSC women fishers in Rembang District took place in early September 2023. Activities are comprised of coordination of capacity-building activity for women fishers in targeted villages, refreshers for training alumni who led the leadership training, and  the leadership training that was conducted  in five villages. 

The leadership training was led BSC women fishers from Gedong Mulyo village who have completed the previous leadership ToT training and local trainers from DKP, Dinsos, and FEO. These trainers were asked to take the lead on leadership training for a total of 60 women participants from five BSC villages (Tunggul Sari, Gegunung Wetan, Kabongan Lor, Dasun, and Trahan) and non-BSC villages (Sukoharjo and Tritunggal).

The trainers led training on topics including: the current fisheries conditions, BSC ecology, communications, and business model canvas (BMC), all of which will be useful for the trainees if they choose to establish and develop small businesses.  Understanding ecology and sustainability in (BSC) fisheries is of paramount importance for preservation of biodiversity. Through this knowledge transfer, it is expected that the participants will not engage in any business that may lead to overfishing or disruption of food webs and instead act as stewards of the BMC ecosystems.

Our previous training participant who led the leadership training for BSC women fishers, Bu Ida, stated that she was very happy to have the opportunity to share what she knows to the participants. Recently, Bu Ida has been appointed as the secretary in Berkah Mulyo, a group formed to facilitate fisheries productions and marketing (locally abbreviated as Poklahsar).

“I am like other women in our village, Gedongmulyo, everyday we are exposed to a fishing net, but now I am given the opportunity to hold a microphone to share my knowledge with others. At the beginning, I felt nervous, but the training has helped me a lot to be more confident to speak in front of many people”. said Bu Ida. “Now I also feel far more sensitive to the sustainability of our oceans as our lives depend a lot on fisheries”, she added.

Feel of relief and happiness were shown on their faces as they were able to deliver the training successfully. As we conclude, this training was tailored for women fishers and led by extraordinary women, let us cast our nets into the promising seas of the future. With newfound skills and unwavering determination, may these women navigate  waters, not only as leaders but as beacons of change in the world of fisheries.


Writer: Arapa Efendi
Photos: Silvianita Timotius/CTC

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