19 Oct Seas the Day with Japanese Students: Marine Conservation Fun Learning

In early September, su-re.co facilitated another visit of Tiger Mov group to the Center. Tiger Mov and su-re.co bring in Japanese students who are eager and committed to learning about the oceans and the actions they can take to save the environment and the oceans we share. The group consisted of 21 people who traveled from Japan to take a tour around the Center and play the marine-themed Escape Rooms, SOS From The Deep and SOS Plastic Danger. 

During the one-hour tour, their curiosity led them to ask many questions relating to the oceans and the exhibitions, and how they could better contribute to saving the oceans. The students also quickly tackled the clues and puzzles in both Escape Room. We hope to see more of Tiger Mov and su-re.co in the future! Their excitement and eagerness to learn inspires us everyday. 

Writer: Salai Monica
Photos: Salai Monica/CTC

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