18 Oct Empowering Women in Atauro Island MPA with Fish-Based Products Processing Training for Alternative Income

The Atauro Island MPA in Timor-Leste was established earlier this year with the support of CTC and local partners to promote the sustainability of marine resources and fish habitat in Timor-Leste. Encompassing 13,252 hectares, this marine protected area is rich in marine resources, making it an ideal location where fish-based products not only provide essential nutrition for humans but can also serve as a means to promote sustainable marine resource management

CTC, in collaboration with Timor-Leste Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, facilitated training for fish-based food products processing such as meatball (bakso), nuggets, and fish floss (abon) as an alternative income for fishers’ family in Atauro Island MPA. The two-day training  took place in last September 2023 and was attended by 25 women representing community members in that area. The training included selecting raw materials and mastering processing techniques. Participants were also taught hygiene practices and quality standards necessary to ensure the production of safe and delicious fish-based products.

“The training was very good and will be beneficial for us in the future. I will try to implement it with my community in Beloi during the passenger ship visit to Atauro,” said Ms. Adina Alves, one of the participants from Beloi.


The training represents a significant step towards providing economic alternatives to women in fishing communities on the Atauro MPA. CTC is committed to support initiatives at the local level to enhance community livelihoods’ while protecting marine resources. Through education, training, and capacity-building initiatives, we aim to equip local communities with the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible resource management and improved economic well-being. Together with local partners, we strive for a future where the marine ecosystem thrives and the community prospers in harmony with nature.


Writers: Adam Putra, Marthen Welly



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