14 Sep CTC Hosts U.S. Government and MMAF Officials on a Learning Visit in Bali

CTC hosted a delegation from the U.S. Government and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries for an official learning visit at the Nusa Penida Marine Protected Area (MPA) and at our Center for Marine Conservation in Sanur, Bali on August 25, 2023.

The one-day visit included delegates who are working on the development of a Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Conservation Act (TFCCA) project in Indonesia. The delegates had the opportunity to learn about marine conservation activities implemented within an MPA, discuss conservation programs with the local community, participate in coral transplantation activities, and encounter Nusa Penida MPA’s rich marine biodiversity while diving and snorkeling.

The Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Conservation Act (TFCCA), originally enacted in 1998, is a United States government program that provides eligible developing countries with options for reducing certain official debts owed to the United States while also generating funds in local currency to support tropical forest or coral reef conservation activities. The TFCCA of 1998, well known for facilitating “debt-for-nature” exchanges, was renamed in 2019 when a renewal legislation included coral reefs. 

The TFCCA is also designed to stimulate public-private conservation collaborations in participating countries. As a result of this unique opportunity for public-private cooperation, the bulk of TFCCA agreements to date include funds raised by US-based NGOs. Furthermore, the program makes use of co-financing donations from conservation NGOs in the United States as well as in several of the TFCCA’s beneficiary countries.

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