14 Sep Promoting Sustainable Marine Tourism: CTC Assesses New Green Fins Members in Bali and Komodo National Park

Nowadays, the growth of the marine tourism industry not only has an economic impact on the local community but also raises critical environmental concerns. Amid these concerns, Green Fins has emerged as a key effort to mitigate the negative environmental impacts of marine tourism. This initiative aims to protect coral reefs through environmentally friendly guidelines and sustainable tourism practices.

As the forefront of this industry, dive and snorkel operators play an important role in raising tourist awareness regarding the protection of coral reefs and their ecosystems. By educating and empowering operators to use sustainable practices, we can assist in developing a more sustainable marine tourism industry.

Since 2018, in collaboration with the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and Reef World Foundation (RWF), CTC has been the national coordinator for Green Fins in Indonesia. The main responsibilities are to assess and train the dive and snorkel operators to be active Green Fins members. Becoming a Green Fins Certified Member is a journey that not only benefits a business but also contributes to the preservation of our fragile marine ecosystems. 

The process begins with a simple step: signing up on the Green Fins Hub. From there, the operators embark on a transformative path that involves an in-person assessment of the operations. This assessment and training are crucial parts of the certification process, as it allows Green Fins assessors to evaluate the environmental impact and offer guidance. Once assessed and trained, they will have the opportunity to consult and review the sustainable action plan with these experts, ensuring that the business aligns with eco-friendly practices. By completing these stages, the operators not only attract eco-conscious customers but also showcase the unwavering commitment to environmental conservation.

“With the implementation of the Green Fins environmental code of conduct, the diving and snorkeling operators not only contribute to protecting coral reefs and other marine life, which are vital assets for marine tourism, but also sustain the diving and snorkeling business itself.” said Marthen Welly, an Assessor Coordinator for Green Fins Indonesia.

This year, CTC successfully assessed 31 dive operators in Bali and Komodo National Park. This accomplishment represents the operators’’ commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the tourism industry. Through these assessments and training, CTC continues to play a pivotal role in fostering environmental awareness among dive and snorkel operators and tourists, ensuring that these breathtaking natural destinations are preserved for future generations to enjoy. Follow this link to see the full list of certified Green Fins members in Indonesia.

Writers: Adam Putra, Marthen Welly
Photos: Marthen Welly/CTC

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