16 Aug BlueScope Youth Orchestra & Bali Children’s Choir: Where Two Nations Meet through Arts

Two different types of performing arts met in rhythm and beats and the beauty of this symphony echoed in the Center for Marine Conservation on July 8th, 2023. The Center received a delightful visit from passionate kids representing both the BlueScope Orchestra and the Bali Children’s Choir, who held a combined mini concert showcasing their incredible talent and passion. This was even more special because the Australian Consulate-General Bali initiated the mini concert and chose CTC to host the meaningful event; it was a harmonious bridge between two cultures, nations, and performances. 

The concert ran for two hours, during which, the kids took turns playing their instruments and singing their hearts out, and it concluded with a magnificent duet between BlueScope Orchestra and Bali Children’s Choir. After performing, the young musicians were taken to see around The Center and its interactive Exhibition Hall where they could learn many things about the oceans, and hopefully, they went home with a newfound commitment to save the ocean and the life it holds!

Check out this link to know for the highlight video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Tu8JO0d_Y

Writers: Salai Monica
Photos: Herni Frilia/CTC & Adam Putra/CTC

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